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Cupping Treatment


Healing Your Entire Body

Cupping involves the application of small glass or plastic cups applied to the skin to treat problems in the body resulting from the stagnation of qi and blood.

Cups create negative pressure on tight muscles pulling blood and stagnated fluid up through the layers of the muscle to the surface to alleviate tension and pain. Cupping is the inverse of massage, rather than downward pressure to muscles it uses gentle pressure to pull them upwards. Cupping is typically relaxing and relieves body of aches. 

Cups can be used to target specific muscles causing pain, on specific acupuncture points or onto of a cup and are generally left in place for 10 minutes


Side effects are cup marks that can vary in color from light red to dark purple. Generally the color depends on the condition of the body. 

Cupping can help break up scar tissue, adhesions and restrictions of tissue.

Cupping breaks up areas of congestion and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body. Additionally, cups stimulate the flow of blood and realigns the flow of qi. 

Fire Cupping:

A flame is placed within the cup to create a vacuum by exhausting the oxygen in the cup. The cup will gently draw the skin and underlying muscle tissue into the cup. Typically the patient will experience a warming and soothing sensation. 

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